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Types of Funeral Flowers


What would be the best thing to do in this situation? Send flowers? After a quick and simple online search you will be able to find a vast amount of information on what kind of flowers to send and how. Flower arrangements symbolize different things. Below are the meanings behind some of these arrangements.

Spray/Wreath: As far as sprays go, you can have a half couch, which would be used on an open casket or a full couch that can be used on a closed casket. In the case where there isn't a casket, or just a memorial service is being held, a wreath is usually placed.

These are filled with flowers of all sorts of colors and types, also depending on the deceased favorite. These are used at the visitation, service and also at the grave site. They can be placed on a tripod stand and displayed after the service is over, in a home.

Fireside Basket: This is a low handled basket which is normally placed low on the floor near the casket at the service. This is sent to the funeral home or church.

Basket of Flowers: This can be either with or without an actual handle; it is just a variety of flowers that is sent to either the funeral home or home of the deceased.

Plant: You can purchase either blooming or green plants. If you get a green plant, they can last throughout the year.

Cross: This is a foam based cross shaped that is covered in flowers, foliage, moss, ribbon or satin. These will usually have a flower swag accenting the middle of the cross. These are very formal and are to be sent to either the funeral home or the church where the services will be held. You can also get these in other shapes, such as a heart or a pillow.

Inside Piece: This is a smaller piece of flowers that is placed inside the casket. Examples of these are nosegays, satin crosses, pillows, hearts and hinge sprays. These are usually sent by the youngest family members.

Sheaf: This gathering of materials is usually made from long wheat grasses and tied together in the middle with a few flowers. This can be placed inside the casket, on top of it or set on a side table during visitations. When it is dried it symbolizes a fruitful and productive life. These are chosen mostly by friends, family or religious affiliations.

Vase and Table Arrangements: You then have your average or normal vase or table arrangements. These have many different styles, colors and vases. These can go from very simple arrangements to very extravagant arrangements. These are normally sent by friends, business associates and family members.

Flowers and plants can be a beautiful expression of how to remember the beauty that person brought to your life. So, choose your arrangement accordingly.

Funeral Flower Etiquette

Let's face it, no one likes to go to funerals. They involve a lot of stress and you never know just what to say when the person has just lost someone they love. Flowers are a good way to express your sympathy in a way that words cannot. It lets the person know that you do care, and you also are aware of what they are going through. It is also a way of showing your respect to the deceased. You need to be aware of proper funeral flower etiquette in order to be able to convey the right feelings.

There are several options you will need to consider, though, when sending your flowers to a funeral. We will look at a few of the main ones here.

Firstly you must think about the relationship you had with both the deceased and their families. This can help you determine which flowers are most appropriate and where to send them. If the deceased was just a relative of a friend, it is usually more appropriate to send the flowers to the home of the deceased family to let them know you are thinking of them. If the deceased is a family member or close friend you should send them directly to the funeral home.

Another fact to consider is the delivery time. The delivery time depends on whether you send them to the person's home or the funeral home. It is rude to have your flowers sent on the day of the viewing. This can interrupt both the service and the period of mourning for the family. Proper funeral flower etiquette says your flowers should be delivered the day before to avoid this.

You will also need to respect the deceased families' beliefs and wishes. This will include their religious beliefs. Most religions allow flowers to be delivered to the funeral home or even the burial site. Others though, Orthodox Jews for example, consider this rude. So in this case you would send them directly to the home. You should also avoid flower arrangements that are centered on a religious belief for the same reasons. This is especially true if you are unaware of their religious beliefs and preferences.

Next, you need to check with the funeral home to check on their policies for funeral arrangements. Most do not accept flowers in glass pots or vases. These tend to break.

If sending flowers as a group, make sure it's the right one and the right size. Group flower arrangements usually tend to be bigger. This is because it can represent sympathy from several different people. You should also be sure to add the contact information on the card. Families appreciate this because this way they know who to send acknowledgments to later on. You should also include a card. Make sure it's big enough for everyone to sign. This way the family knows who the flowers all came from.

Funeral flower etiquette is very important. It must be followed as prudently as possible to avoid any gaffes or causing unnecessary embarrassment.

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