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Memorial Verses For a Funeral


Most people like to include memorial verses for a funeral within the memorial service because it can provide a source of comfort and encouragement to those who attend.

There are basically two different types of memorial verses for a funeral that you can choose from-Religious and Non-Religious or Secular. Religious verses may include various scripture readings from the Bible. There are many appropriate memorial verses that can be found in the Old and New Testament. They include themes of hope, encouragement, strength and comfort.

A popular memorial verse for funerals is Psalm 23 which is often read at many memorial services. During a time of losing a loved one, scripture verses can play a meaningful role for those who are grieving. You can incorporate memorial verses as a short reading or include them in your memorial funeral program.

In a religious ceremony, the clergy or officiant may have suggestions for selected memorial verses that are typically used for a service. The verses may be explained or expanded upon if the officiant is giving a short message of hope to all attendees.

You can choose to include the entire scripture verse within the memorial program for those who may not be familiar with it. Alternatively, you can just note the scripture chapter and verse.

If the deceased had favorite scripture verses, it's a good idea to note that verse somewhere within the memorial program. Even if it is not a funeral related verse, since it was a favorite of the deceased, you can incorporate it into the obituary/biography or as a reading.

For non religious services, memorial verses for a funeral can include short readings of poetry or inspirational short works. Sonnets and original poems make a good choices for a memorial verse. They can often include words that express profound emotions in the human soul.

Poems are a very popular form of expression for any occasion, emotion or event. A popular memorial poem used often for a funeral is the poem by Mary Frye (1932) is "Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep". This author notes in this memorial poem by speaking of the deceased still being with the bereaved in all things around them.

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