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Example of a Funeral Resolution


Looking for an example of a funeral resolution to find out how to write one? First it's important to ask yourself if you know exactly what a funeral resolution is.

You can check out this helpful guide on how to write a funeral resolution here.

What Is a Funeral Resolution?

What is a funeral resolution? A funeral resolution is an official church document that is stored in the church archives for a member or regular attendee in the congregation.

Funeral resolutions are usually required for all members and people who actively participate and serve in church.

The funeral resolution is written in a very specific format which typically is followed closely. Although there are some congregations that may allow a substitution for the funeral resolution like that resembling a eulogy for the deceased, most follow the general outline of the funeral resolution.

The funeral resolution is read at the church funeral service and is also officially acknowledged by the church and family. There are specific aspects and information that need to be included in funeral resolutions.

Example of a Funeral Resolution

An example of a funeral resolution title can be "A Resolution of Respect for ...(the name of the deceased)" or "A Resolution in Loving Memory of..." (the name of the deceased).

It is then followed by a short introduction of faith by acknowledging their relationship with God, followed by a biblical selection reading and hymn.

The "Whereas Statements" help explain the decease's relationship with God, service to the church, community, and family support. Each of these items noted are proceeded by the word "Whereas." An example of a Whereas statement in the funeral resolution might be "WHEREAS, Jane W. Smith was a reverent woman of prayer who loved the Lord. A very loyal and faithful person who served her family to follow her example. She loved her family with a gentle, yet stern combination which only she possessed."

Lastly, you must include details as to what the resolution is. These statements begin with "Therefore be it resolved..." or Be it further resolved..." prior to the details. An example of a funeral resolution statement might be "THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that we embrace the family because all of us have a common bond that will connect us for the rest of your lives. We can not replace Jane W. Smith, but will attempt to demonstrate her love for you."

You may want to conclude with a short comforting statement to the family stating of their loss and that the deceased in a place of peace and rest. An example of a concluding paragraph might be "To the family, we know your loss is deep and your sorrow is great, but we want you to know that we share in your sorrow, but more importantly, we recognize that this loss is Heaven's Gain."

You can also find beautiful poems for funeral tributes here to make your loved one's funeral more special and memorable.

More Funeral Program Examples...

To play your funeral arrangements the best, it is a great idea to see some examples of an elegant, great funeral program. Here are some ideas to help you better...

Often you may not know what is included in a funeral program and it can be helpful to see funeral program examples so you can get an idea of what to include. Look for examples that may include the following items:

• A beautifully created or designed program cover with script lettering or font titles of "In Loving Memory" or "Celebrating the Life of". The deceased photo should grace the cover with their name, date of birth and date of death beneath their photo.

• The inside pages should include the funeral order of service. This may include the officiating pastor or clergyman, scripture verses and readings, musical selections, and the names of those who are participating in the funeral service.

• A special note from the bereaved and surviving family may be included along with in lieu of where to send donations, if applicable.

• The back of the program may display a short biography or obituary of the deceased.

• Photos are also appropriate to disperse throughout the program. It's a great way to share the life journey of the deceased with all attendees.

• The location of the funeral service is also often noted on the back of the funeral program cover.

These items are good examples of what might be included in a funeral program. There are many good resources on the web who provide examples and some also sell funeral program templates which have samples of the program.


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