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Funeral Poem: Tears In His Eyes

I begged my father not to go
He looked at me and
walked to the door so slow.

Tears filled his eyes as
he bade my mother goodbye
I began to cry.

He opened his arms to me
"I must protect my country you see."

I hugged him once and
kissed him twice
He wrapped his arms
around me, it felt so nice.

Rain started to wail,
she looked so frail
And I knew my
emotions would fail.

But instead of breaking
down and making things worse
My words came out
slow without a curse.

I dried my tears and
she looked at me
"Father will be back
some day, you will see."

Then as we all cried,
my mother took my hand
And she led us to a
place where we must hide.

It has been six years
That the war has
hammered in my ears.

But now it is done
And news has come.

Father is dead, but I am free
As free as I want to be.

So let's stand for a minute
with our hearts put in it.

And remember those father,
mothers and brother
that died so we could be free

By Lisa Krahn

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