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Funeral Poem: Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier

A young man left his life one day,
To fight a war yet far away,
Fighting to let peace be known,
He thought one day
he would come home.

He left his love,
said with a smile,
"I'm coming home,
in a short while."
He never knew
his time was near,
He left to fight,
without a fear.

The scene was grey and bleak,
A win, a loss, a gain, a fall,
The fighting went on,
week after week
They wanted to end it all.

By the time the war was won,
The bloodshed over,
the battles done,
One hundred thousand,
and 16 more,
Canadians dead,
that was the score.

The brave young man
that left his love,
Was gone to face
the lord above,
His human body never found,
With poppies blowing,
there came a sound.

A service to remember them,
Who came before,
the brave young men,
A cannon booms,
a bugle sounds,
The tomb of those
whose life it crowns.

We remember with
a Tomb of Stone,
For the soldiers still unknown,
All those who fought
and died before,
And those who'll
fight in future wars.

Through many wars,
o'er many years,
Men and women looked
past their fears,
This tomb remembers
all of them.

By Jennifer McKay

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